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June 22nd, 2012

Blue Abstract is a blue, 2 column Blogger template. It has three columns, left and right sidebar. If you have any dilemma about your work or any yours decision this template is the right place to wright about it. The main color is the blue one and all the shapes of this color. Recommended for business blog.

Blue Abstract has pages enabled, and it shown on top menu above the header, labels we can find on second menu.


  • 2 columns and right sidebars and 3 columns in footer- you can drag and drop widgets
  • widgets ready – support all blogger widgets
  • blue colors on background and content
  • tech design for blogs
  • social icons – placed on top sidebar, easy to edit the code, HTML skills needed
  • featured posts enabled – placed on top content, easy to edit through dashboard
  • search box on menu – to make easy search on your blog
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3 Responses to “ BlueAbstract Blogger Template ”

  1. abhishek Says:

    hi..thank u for the wonderful template…i ahave two issues and i am hopeless regarding html stuff..
    1) i m not able to add linkwithin or outbrain widget with this template…it does not appear properly when it these widgets not compatible for it?
    2) initially i was rejected for adsense…probable for the page type since i was using the default blogger template..but now , thanks to you , i got this wonderful template….and i applied for adsense again…and again they rejected me…can u pls guide me as to what is going wrong…

  2. Klodian Says:


    nothing of your concern is related with template, search on google and you will find a better answer

  3. abhishek Says:

    thank you for the reply…

    i think i found out the prob of “linkwithin”
    the problem crops up only when we use “read more” option while posting .If we post it as a single post without breaks,linkwithin appears properly.
    the problem is “read more” option comes on the right side of the post.
    Is there an option to put “read more” on the left side??


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