Extreme Georgia Blogger Template

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July 24th, 2009

Extreme Georgia is a clear, simple and minimal Blogger template. Extreme Georgia V2 with new features is right away available, check it.

Features: 3 columns, right and left sidebars, white, minimal, fresh, unique, typographic.

If you're looking for technical support, please see the FAQ's or post questions on Support Forum

9 Responses to “ Extreme Georgia Blogger Template ”

  1. Tretan.net Says:

    very nice blogger template. I want to use it to my blogspot…

  2. Janak Kumar Yadav Says:

    NIce template. The Georgia font is what I like the most in it. Wish I can get this template in 2 columns.

  3. charmtan Says:

    i wanted to add lookbook widgets on my blog… but failed in all attempts!

    this is the lookbook widget code:

    if i add the code to my html, i cannot even make a preview, it just says:
    Can not parse your template because it is not formed properly. Please make sure that all XML elements have been closed properly. />
    XML error message: The reference to entity “thumbs” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.
    and it goes on, and on with other entities…

    if i do change the delimeter, the whole code then appears on the upper left hand of the sidebar as a text! and to add to it, i would have wanted the widget to appear on the lower left portion.

    hope someone can help me with the codes, how to add them to the html, and get the widget to appear on the lower left portion.

    please help!

  4. Klodian Says:

    i have no idea

  5. stheurer Says:

    Beautiful template! Well done!

    How can I remove the “Posted by” name on posts. The date is fine, I just don’t an author’s name (it links to my blogger user ID). I’ve tried messing with the HTML, but can’t seem to find the right part to delete.

    Help, Klodian?

  6. Klodian Says:

    go to edit HTML and click Expand Widget Templates

    then search Posted by and delete it.

  7. Morgan Says:

    Maybe I’m overlooking something, but I can’t change any of the fonts or colors using the template designer or through the html. Help?

  8. Andrew Says:

    Beautiful theme. I’ll use it for my blogspot, thanks to deluxe templates have proposed.,

    I have 2 small problems,

    – I would like to extend a few pixels to the right column and the left column, where and in what part of the code I need to adjust?

    I felt alone, but I could not :-(

    – There would also be something else, less important, but it would be nice if I did.

    In the header of the template at the top at the top, just below the browser, you see a theme in the long gray line, for the same size, I would like to replace it with an image of mine, hosted with a direct link into a space for hosting images, even here I can not understand how and in what part of the code I need to change.,

    Please help me :-)

  9. ari Says:

    TQ for shared, like simple template..


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